The Silver Emperor


First encountered by Taeron Xandros XXIII and Nemo as the Eighth Adjutant of the Grand Librarium of Vakwik, Lothrim engaged the party to recover biological specimens of the goblins of Brazhago and to look for evidence of a strange new race of orcs, whom he called “yrch.” After their investigation of Brazhago and the discovery of the Uruk-Khro, Nemo, Taeron, and “Mad” Olin Juenoaelie became suspicious of Lothrim’s intentions and refused to participate in the scouring of Brazhago (c.f.)

Lothrim and the Khalad-Araga attacked Brazhago, opposed by the subjects of King Orzht of Brazhago, the Uruk-Khro and the Eternal Champions. In the battle he is believed to have personally killed both Groshn-Rar and Griksh, and swore revenge on the Eternal Champions.

Upon their return from Kethira, the Eternal Champions found that Lothrim had been busy in their 20 year absence.


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