“Be ye not deceived for one shall be chosen…”

from the Book of the Old Order

Our Heroes

Taeron Xandros XXXVI
“Mad” Olin Juenoaelie

It was an Age of Heroes, before men became weak and fragile, when gods strode across the land, and horrors beyond mortal understanding gnawed at the fabric of the Nine Worlds. It was into this age that the Eternal Champions, as they were called, were born in Toril: Nemo, a shadowy tiefling assassin-priest born from the ashes of his previous self; Taeron Xandros XXXVI, a shining aasimar paladin, reincarnated lifetime after lifetime to find the goddess who gave him birth and redeem the broken heart of his father; and “Mad” Olin Juenoaelie, a dangerously unstable elven druid and celebrant of an alien god of monsters whose cursed semi-mechanical body threatens to sever his link to the green forever. It was these three champions who came forth to do battle against the forces of Lothrim, the Silver Emperor, a powerful mage from an unknown land and conqueror of the North and Nephren-Ka, the Black Pharaoh, God-king of the Mulhorandi and slayer of gods. Fighting a battle they could not win, the Eternal Champions lept from world to world, from incarnation to incarnation, seeking the allies and weapons they needed to defeat their nemeses. Guided only by the mysterious Twelve Mystical Books of Leng and the nauseating light of a crooked staff, the Eternal Champions had to find their way, or see all the Nine Remaining Worlds reduced to madness and ash!

Eternal Champions is a heroic-style, world-hopping D&D (3.5) campaign anchored in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, incorporating elements of the Hârn and Call of Cthulhu campaign settings.

eternal champions

Map2 Malaryal Taeron olin